Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted on 15th December 2014 in About us, Shoes of all kinds

I love Christmas songs… SOme of them listed below (please feel free to share your favorites)

Jingle Bell Rock – the Muppets.

Eagles – Bells Will Be Ringing

Shakin Stevens (how sexy is that frown ;) ) – Merry Christmas Everyone

Cliff Richard  – Christmas Time

And the sexiest Christmas song EVER… many would say it’s MM singing but it Cynthia Basinet (surprise!!): Santa Baby

Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is You

Vonda Shepherd plus (very young) Robert Downey Jr. – White Christmas

Elvis – Blue Christmas

And yet again The Muppets wishing us a Very Merry Christmas: We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Let it Snow – Dean Martin

Last but not least – a Christmas MUST HAVE – I know some love, osme hate, some place bets if  and how many times it will be played…. But truly there’s can’t be Christmas without Last Christmas – WHAM… I’m right, right??

Christmas presents for shoe lovers…

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There are so many to choose from for all kinds of shoe lovers…



DSC_0557-1024x680 CalendarDoor Stopper/Letter Opener

Shoe Horn/Shoe Tree

Shoe Candy/Cookie

Cupcake Baking Cup/Cookie Cutter

Shoe Mug and Coaster

Wine Bottle Holder/Corkscrew

Shoe Clips

Shoe Sole Stickers

Heel Condoms (!!!)

Bracelet Charms


Also a good gift for shoe Lovers are simply SHOES :)

Niagara – Face off – who wore it better….

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Our Niagara dress is a copy of the famous MM frock in which she posed at Niagara Falls in 1953.





Super Hero Shoes

Posted on 26th November 2014 in About us

If you thought this will be about Superhero Shoes – you were right.

This is something I didn’t come up with but it’s so true I thought I will share.

So it’s the Minis Bunny we’re talking about. Unintentionally they turned out in superhero colors (well, close enough)

3605753-1936874063-31646They were limited edition and only a couple of sizes are left (8.5 and 9).

So now: who got them? Who’s the Super-Girl?



FLU_BUN_RTY_7Don’t miss your chance….,en,women,minis-bunny-pomodoro-aqua-yellow.html


Men Find Women Sexier When They’re Wearing Heels

Posted on 21st November 2014 in Shoes of all kinds, Varia

So that’s why Carrie Bradshaw never left the house without a pair of high heels on. According to research published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, men, apparently, find women to be more attractive when they’re wearing high heels.

carrie-bradshaw-fashion“Women’s shoe heel size exerts a powerful effect on men’s behavior,” author Nicholas Guéguen of the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France said. By observing the behavior of 90 randomly selected male study participants between the ages of 25 and 50 in a series of experiments, Guéguen found that men are more willing to help and hit on ladies wearing heels than those in sensible shoes.

1In one test, Guéguen watched what happened when a 19-year-old female asked a passerby of the opposite sex while wearing three different types of shoes — once in black flat shoes, black medium-heeled shoes (2 in.), and black high heeled shoes (3.5 in.) — to complete a survey. More men were willing to stop and answer questions when the 19-year-old was wearing the highest-heeled shoes. In another analysis, she acted like a damsel in distress, dropped a glove, and watched as more men helped her when she was wearing higher shoes. In the third experiment, researchers tallied how many men approached a group of ladies who wore heels of various sizes. The results: Guys initiated conversation with those in stilettos much quicker than they did with those wearing flatter shoes.

Sex and The City (2008)Based on the outcomes, the number of men who responded to women wearing the highest heels doubled compared to when they responded (or didn’t respond) to women wearing the lowest heel height. “The results showed that high heels were associated with greater sexiness, overall physical attractiveness, breast attractiveness, beauty, attractiveness to other men, and willingness for a date.”



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Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Viv

Posted on 19th November 2014 in About us, Shoes of all kinds

For the first time in our collection Viv from KKBB family.

Classic colors just reversed from the Fluevog version: Navy, Tan & Teal.

Super cute.,en,all-new,kkbb-viv-brown-navy.htmlFLU_VIV_NT_8



raspberry Heels malinowe obcasy kitschy kitschy boom boom viv fluevog 13


Types of Heels = Stiletto my love

Posted on 30th October 2014 in Shoes of all kinds

All right, all right….

I LOVE heels. I LOVE stilettos. But let’s get real here – nobody can wear them all the time (even though I did once…)

So here’s some types of heels I own, I wear, I wish I could wear, I do not wear.

1. Kitten Heel – not my favorite, but who knows what future will bring…raspberry_heels_cydwoq-mission-13_malinowe_obcasy 2. Cone Heel – wider at the sole of the foot and narrower at the base, cone heels form what you might expect: a cone. Very comfy – I own (as it turns out) and like :)

raspberry-heels-stozek-cone-prism-heel-malinowe-obcasy3. Chunky Heel (I wish there was a better name for this one) – this is the general term for any heel with a wider base that is typically square. They’re usually on the short to medium side, and provide more stability than traditional high heels or stilettos.

raspberry-heels-slupek-malinowe-obcasy4. Spool Heel – the heel is thicker at the sole of the foot, narrow in the middle, and then comes back out at the base. Minis, Munsters and many many other Vogs.


raspberry-heels-kieliszek-spool-heel-malinowe-obcasy5. Stiletto Heel –  my LOVE. The highest of all the high heels, stilettos can reach up to 8 inches. The sexiest one. Period.

raspberry-heels-stiletto-malinowe-obcasy6. Wedge Heels – super easy to walk – I limit those to sport shoes.


7.Platform Heels

_MG_7245-28. Heel less Heel

raspberry_heels_fluevog_sliverlake_malinowe_obcasy19. French Heels – also known as Louis Heels or Pompadour Heels, these are similar to spool heels wherein they are short but have some curve to the heel.

KKBB Deb 2

kkbbliz510. Comma Heels – think of the comma. Yes, we’re referring to the punctuation mark. Now line that up with the heel of a shoe, and you have a comma heel!

raspberry heels malinowe obcasy roger vivier comma heel 1raspberry heels malinowe obcasy comma heel alexander mcqueen 2

I’d say this is comma heel combined with platform – what do you think?

FB cover guide paisley2

11. Fantasy Heels – here’s the wildcard heel type to cover all of the crazy designs out there. There are so many types of heels you could never think of in your head, and yet they do exist.

FB queen

Well, I guess there are more heel types but that’s that for now.  If you find anything i forgot about – let me know!

Prepares Guide in Paisley

Posted on 22nd October 2014 in About us, Shoes of all kinds

Yet another custom colored shoe in our collection.

Prepare Guide in Paisley.

All shoes in the Prepare family were always one color.

Scout, Guide, Merit, Leader… a quick guide to Prepare Family can be found here:

The only multicolored ones were denim, felt and floral. Now another one came into being: paisley. Surprising, fun, fabulous!

FB cover guide paisley2

fluevog prepare guide paisley

raspberry heels prepares guide paisley fluevog malinowe obcasy 1 sm Available here:,en,all-new,prepare-guide-black-paisley.html

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Minis Babycake are back in great style!

Posted on 15th October 2014 in About us, Shoes & People

Minis Babycake – not only they’re back but also custom colored. Tan, Navy with a splash of Aqua….,en,all-new,mini-babycakes.html

Delicious :)


raspberry heels babycake minis malinowe obcasy 14

raspberry heels babycake minis malinowe obcasy 1

raspberry heels babycake minis malinowe obcasy 13

in LOVE again :)


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Hot Hot Pink

Posted on 8th October 2014 in About us, Shoes of all kinds

All right now. The autumn is here, the winter is coming. We need boots.

Here – from the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom family – Deb with hot pink trim. Limited edition as all of our custom colored Vogs.

I’m in LOVE.


KKBB deb 1

KKBB Deb 2

Available here:,en,all-new,kkbb-deb-black.html